Banner Ad Rockstar

This wizard focuses on generating banner ads and custom graphics as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Giving you direct access to powerful creation features, Banner Ad Rockstar is perfect for a user who wants to cut straight to output.


  • Work with Multiple Ads at the Same Time

    Save time – create, edit, and generate multiple ads at once. Our powerful ad management features lets you handle large sets of ads (of all different shapes, sizes, and types) with ease.


  • Magic Crop

    Eliminate the tedious task of cutting images files to fit your ads. Magic Crop automatically slices your photos into different sizes while keeping your subject in focus. Save time and let Magic Crop do the work for you!


  • WYSIWYG Editing

    Take complete control over your ads with point and click editing. Simply use your mouse to move and resize image and text fields. Easily change fonts, colors, borders, text, and images.


  • Ad Cloning

    Easily generate multiple versions of your ads for split testing. Simply clone a set of ads and alter the properties that you want. Make split testing your advertising campaigns a BREEZE!


  • Template Driven

    With thousands of professionally designed templates, Banner Ad Rockstar allows anyone to make high quality ads – no design skills needed. Simply choose an ad template as a starting point, and adapt it to your liking. Once you have an ad you like, you can even save it as a template to use in the future to save even more time!


  • Static and Animated Banner Ad Output

    Banner Ad Rockstar’s powerful generation engine supports the industry standards for static and animated banner ad files. Confidently create banner ads for all types of advertising and website purposes – from simple website banners to massive media buy advertising campaigns. Our software can output:

    – GIF
    – JPG
    – PNG
    – Animated GIF
    – Flash SWF


Walkthrough videos and screenshots coming soon …