Rockstar Power Suite`s easy-to-use, wizard-style interfaces guide you through the process of creating and distributing better looking, fully-licensed ads and business graphics. From simple, branded social media graphics to full fledged internet marketing campaigns, Rockstar Power Suite is with you every step of the way! Take a look below to see how our wizards can give you the magic touch:

  • Banner Ad Rockstar

    This wizard focuses on generating banner ads and custom graphics as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Giving you direct access to simple, yet powerful features, Banner Ad Rockstar is perfect for a user who wants to cut straight to output.


  • Media Buy Rockstar

    This wizard focuses on preparing and delivering banner ads to media buy advertising networks.  With built-in support for dozens of media buy networks, Media Buy Rockstar automatically adapts advertising media to the unique specifications of each network.  This wizard is perfect for the user that wants to focus on output instead of the technical requirements of each network.


  • PPC Rockstar

    This wizard focuses on creating, managing, and delivering complete advertising campaigns – with graphic and text ads – to PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising platforms such as Google Adwords, Bing, and Yahoo. With powerful keyword generation, ad grouping, and split testing features, PPC Rockstar is perfect for the user who wants full control over their PPC campaigns.


  • CPV Rockstar

    This wizard focuses on researching CPV (Cost Per View) advertising options.  With the ability to query major search/video networks and generating custom URLs, CPV Rockstar is perfect for the user who wants to find more viewing opportunities for their banner ads.